Do you miss a book in English to learn Basque like a native speaker ?

Do you want to speak Basque like a native speaker?

Do you need some material to learn from?

Is it hard to find a book in English for learning Basque?

Yes. There are very few books for English speakers.

Most of the book for learning Basque have the explanations in Spanish or in French.

If you don’t speak nor of those languages and you want to learn Basque, you have an obstacle in front of you.

Learning a new language is hard, and if you haven’t got proper material, it is harder.

Basque is a small language and few people not living in the Basque Country want to learn it.

So… any solutions?


There is something.

You can try a book with English explanations. Look this one.


There is a book called Bakarka 1 that could be useful for you.

It is a book with plenty of vocabulary and expressions.

And it has many conversations as well. That is important because you can see the language in a dynamic form, in context.

But there is an obstacle.

Bakarka 1 is not in English. You can get one in Spanish or in French.

Good news !

There is something you can do.

Bakarka 1 is a good book to start learning Basque in order to achieve your goal of speaking like a native Basque speaker.

Solution #1 : DIY translation

Use an app on your phone that will translate the texts in Spanish or French to English.

You can use Google Translate.

Not need to type the text. You can scan it with your phone.

It is simple and easy.

Once you have the translation on your phone’s screen, you can write it down on a paper and stick it over the original text.

Steps :

  1. Buy the book Bakarka 1 (in Spanish)

  2. As you advance on the book, translate the texts in Spanish to English with the app google translate.

  3. Write the text on a paper and stic it over the original text.

Solution #2 : Download the translations (when they are ready)

I am going to translate the texts the way I said before. But it will be little by little.

If you want to get each chapter in your email inbox, you can send me a message.

Steps :

  1. Send me an email.

  • Subject : I want to receive the translations for free

  • Body : you can tell me whatever you want related to your experience with Basque culture and Basque language.

  1. Buy the book Bakarka 1 (in Spanish)

At this point you know how to get a good book for learning Basque.

And remember one important thing : BE ACTIVE in your learning.

This is the most important aspect in learning a language (Do you know how polyglots get to learn so many languages ?).

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