How to say ‘this is x’ or ‘that is x’

In this lesson you will learn how to say :

  • This is <name>
  • That is <name>
  • This is a <whatever it is>
  • Thas is a <whatever it is>

You will learn as well...

  • To ask what this is
  • To ask what that is
  • To answer these questions using a correct order of the elements in the sentence.

Conclusion :

  • After having done these exercises we conclude that the most important element in the sentence (the asked element) goes before the verb.
  • Examples :
    • Zer da hori ? (zer is the asked element ; da is the verb)
    • How can you answer it ?
      • Etxea
      • Etxea da
      • Etxea da hori
      • Hori etxea da

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  1. Kaixo Gari,
    Eskeik Asko for the lesson. I believe these will be very helpful. With the repetition of these and the other lessons it will start to make more sense. Especially with the explanations.

    • Eskerik asko for the video. Having it presented both visually and auditorally with repetition was very helpful. I believe that with more repetition listening to correct pronunciation and more repetition seeing the order of sentence structure with correct spellings, will help me and others greatly, in the learning process.

    • Eskerrik asko, Gaylen and Sharon.
      Nice to hear that is helpful.
      Laster arte! (literally: “until soon”)


  2. Oso ondo (very well), Gaylen!
    Good to know that is helpful for you. I wish you an interesting and exciting Basque learning process. Eskerrik asko for your comment eta ondo izan!

  3. You need to repeat the Automobil sentences. You said each sentence but we did not repeat.

    • Eskerrik asko, Heidi.
      That is true. I remember that I noticed it after going to the next slide.
      Please, stop the slide while you repeat the sentences. I’ll try to do it better next time.
      Thank you for watching it and doing the exercises. I hope you enjoyed it.
      Ondo izan!

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