How to say ‘apple’ in Basque

Do you know how to say apple in Basque? And green pepper?

In this video you will learn...

 - ...some fruits and veggies vocabulary

- ...some Basque language structures.

- ... one important difference between 'naiz' and 'nago'.

Watch it and leave a comment above please.

Lean more vocabulary having some fun:


  1. Kaixo Gari,
    I want to thank you again for the learning videos they are helpful and always welcome. I am sure they take time to make so I don’t want to give you a reason to discontinue them. Just a suggestion. It is always nice to have the translation written out so when you ask a question or make a statement you actually know what you are saying without having to look up the meaning. I know you do translate in the audio but it is easier if it is written.


    • Kaixo Gaylen, sorry for the delay. I didn’t see your comment. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will take it in consideration. I can promise nothing but I’ll try to.
      Eskerrik asko!

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