Why I do what I do

I am Gari, My Basque (online) teacher, and I was born in a small town in the Basque Country

My mother tongue is Basque and I’ve been very attached to my language from my childhood. I have always liked learning differents aspects of the Basque language and using it properly.

In the other side, I like learning and speaking other languages as well. I speak spanish as a native and I learnt English and French. So I manage to teach Basque using any of those languages. I did study some Chinese as well.

After having studied Computers Science, I worked as a secondary school teacher for 16 years. Some years ago I lived in Ireland for nearly one year and now I am living in France.

About my life-style and hobbies, I like living in the countryside having a small land to grow my own vegetables and I am interested on permaculture and ecological construction. I like the idea of working for myself more than for someone else. So I read and listen information and I do trainings in order to get some new abilities and practical knowledge. I like history and cooking as well.

To me teaching Basque is something that I do naturally and I aim at helping  more than 1000 people to  get into the basque universe and to experience life as an euskaldun (basque-speaker).

Feel basque, feel euskaldun!

Why choose My Basque Teacher?

I am a native basque teacher. However, I want to tell you that I don’t have a grade in languages. So, If you believe in titles more than in facts, I am not your man. However I do have the C1 title in Basque and I have taught Basque in college as well as I have taught other subjects in Basque.

The lessons are taught in euskara batua, the standard Basque language, with an open window for the fresh air of localisms when I consider it’s needed.

Teaching method centered around conversational classes. Conversation is the flow that will keep you learning from the very first lesson.

Customized courses and material. Personalised activities: fun videos, audios or grammar exercises will help you to improve.

Flexible time. Times adaptable to your schedule. You can always change or cancel the lesson 24 hours in advance.

Affordable prices for regular students. Promotions to students who want to study Basque with My Basque Teacher regularly.