6 keys to get to speak Basque as a native speaker

If you want to know how to learn Basque in order to be a  great Basque Speaker, read this 6 top keys.

[The most important key for learning a language is in the list]

To start learning a language can be hard and discouraging.

Who likes unfinishing word lists or learning grammar rules ? Maybe there are some freaks who do, but not you, do you ?

This post will help you to be aware of 6 top keys that will rocket you to speak Basque as a native euskaldun (Basque speaker).

Key #1: Be an active learner, be the driver (not a passenger)

The most important attitude in the way to learn a language is being active and doing activities that you like. It’s not me who says that. It is Lydia Machova (Watch her speech in Ted Talks).

She is a polyglot from Slovakia who studied the patterns of people like her when they learn a language. She is a language mentor, an expert in helping people to learn languages.

Madame Machova concluded that there is not one method better than other ones. For example she says : « Some like speaking from the very first day while some others prefer only to listen until they think that they can start speaking ».

The most important common characteristic for all polyglots is that it’s each of them who drives his/her learning proccess, it is not a teacher neither a book or anything else. They set their goals, they choose their learning materials and they invest some time everyday to keep going on.

So, take your car’s wheel and drive it. If it is you who drives, you will get your destination.

Key #2: Keep motivated, fill your oil tank

Good questions lead to good answers.

  • What do you want to experience thanks to be able to speak Basque ?
  • What do you want to learn Basque for ?

Think deeply about these two questions. If you have good reasons, they will be your fuel to go on when you don’t have to much energy or you have a bad day.

Write your answers.

Key #3: Set your main goal, choose the destination

After answering these two questions, you will set your main goal. It could be, for instance, to speak some introducing sentences to somebody when you meet that person. Or maybe you want to tell someone what you did today.

This goal will be a temporary goal that will push you to start and keep moving.

When you reach your destination, you will choose another one. Therefore, you will keep training and becoming more and more Euskaldun.

Write your main goal now.

Key #4: Choose some good materials; using a good car makes the difference

You can search materials on the internet. If you have already set your goals, you can search some materials that fit them for the first steps of the learning process. Just for a light approach to the language.

After that, having a good book will be useful.

If you want one, let me tell you that Bakarka 1 is a book that contains a lot of vocabulary and the basics of the Basque Language. You can get one with explanations in Spanish or in French, but there is not in English. However, I am preparing a translation that will be released soon. You could buy a book, print the explanations and, if you want to, you can stick them on each page.

(I want to receive the translations in my inbox for FREE.

Send an email to gari@mybasqueteacher.com
Subject : Translations (Bakarka 1)
You can let me know a little about you if you want to. For example, when and how was your first contact with the Basque language ?
What transformation would you want to live about Euskara ? Would you want to be an euskaldun in the future ? In how much time ?


Key #5: A tutor or a teacher will rocket you; a copilot who knows the road is great

You want to learn properly and in a good pace, don’t you ?

If this is your case, you can search a teacher on the internet. There are some platforms offering lessons. This can be an option.

If you want to, you can contact me. You can explain me your ‘why’ and ‘what for’ and I will tell you how I can help you. You can take a 25 minutes first lesson for free.

(I want to meet you on the Skype to have a chat and/or a FREE lesson.
Send an email to gari@mybasqueteacher.com
Subject : I want to have a chat with you, Gari
You can let me know about you if you want to.
I will answer you by email in order to set our appointment
This way we can meet each other and you can know if you like me as a copilot)

So, you can be the driver and be helped by a copilot.

Key #6: Use what you learn; keep driving

The words, phrases and idioms you learn… USE THEM in a daily basis. Take 15 minutes or so everyday to go to a Facebook group where you can share it, stick a paper with a sentence on an object, tell a friend who likes languages a sentence you learnt recently…

Be creative an use them in every ocassion you can !


Which key did you like the most? I want to know your opinion. Write a comment, please.

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